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Pdd dating and marriage

If they are more toward mildly affected or aspergers, I think it fairly common really, for those people to marry have children.

Many people are autists, we just don't necessarily realize it.

[quote="purplesunshine, post:1, topic:182149"] I'm a manager who works with special needs adults through a life skills program.

We recieved differeing diagnosis from each and after much evaluation, the neuro was right.In which case, it is very likely that the people in question do NOT live independently.Which thus raises my questions of whether or not they are able to make their own legal decisions. I wasn’t implying anything about you or your children or your parenting.I suppsoe it could be possible for them to marry-- but are either of them wards of someone else? And what about procreation-- if they are wards of the state, or of someone else, they are incapable of maintaining legal custody of any child they produce-- we adopted our daughter in a very similar situation. [quote="yellowdaisy, post:5, topic:182149"] Ok, Spectrum Momma stepping in :) Just a note-- Asperger's is not autism. When people say "The autism spectrum", thats actually a misnomer.Her bio mom was a ward of the state and thus she was not able to retain custody, even temporarily, of her daughter (very sad and heartbreaking situation! It's the PDD Spectrum, of which Autism is the most widely recognized and severest disorder.

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In my part of the country, (or my county anyway), they do not.

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