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Parent internet dating

But she ran into an unexpected obstacle: her daughter, April, 31, who became furious with her mother for even trying after she launched her Internet search for men last spring.

"Every time I would go online, she'd have a hissy fit, and say I wasn't safe, and yadda yadda," says Potter, a nursing instructor from Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

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And she must have taken his advice to take her time because he says, "her search for romance -- and male companionship continues!And given that many older boomers are parents with grown children, it's perhaps unsurprising that conflicts occur."What people worry about most is the well-being of their parents.Perfect founder and CEO Duane Dahl, 46, put his enterprise to the ultimate test when he helped his own mother, who is in her late 60s, enroll in his service."I think by spending time with our parents and helping them, we put them in a position where ultimately they can use the Internet to pursue friendship, companionship and even romance," says Dahl.

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She thinks that she has now met "probably the love of my life." But April was so upset with her mother's online dating that she refused to meet the boyfriend for eight months.