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The use of secondary data helps researchers conserve resources (such as time and money) that the collection of primary data demands.Other sources of secondary data are structured interviews, transcripts from focus groups, published texts, literature reviews and observation records.The advantage to collecting primary data is that the questions asked are directly tailored to suit the needs of the researcher.In addition, one can ask follow-up questions for clarification, something that is practically impossible when using most secondary data.Not until marriage: 8 percent (16 percent for women) Black women are more conservative than Black men, certainly, but men are far from cavalier when it comes to first having sex in dating relationships. More than half of Black men (52 percent) surveyed want to marry their current partners, 38 percent indicate not being sure and only 11 percent say they have no interest. Only 11 percent of participants state they are not optimistic about finding a companion, but 15 percent believe they will never be married.This tells us African-American males aren’t nonchalant or wasting time in their dating explorations. By comparison, 26 percent of Black female respondents are not optimistic about landing Mr. So do African-American males even want to get married?No hard, fast rule: 42 percent (47 percent for women) 2.Two or three dates: 21 percent (3 percent for women) 3.

Questia offers quality sources selected by librarians and approved by professors, and many of the resources are peer-reviewed!On the other hand, researchers obtain primary data by personally interviewing the respondents.This may also involve going to the field to observe occurrences and recording the observations.Once it’s known relationship will be exclusive: 14 percent (31 percent for women) 4.First date: 9 percent (fewer than 1 percent for women) 5. Church, mosque or other place of worship: 5 percent 7. At a bar: 4 percent The study also found single Black men are hopeful as far as finding companions: 86 percent say they are optimistic about being in a relationship; 56 percent are confident they will one day marry.

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