No ip address not updating

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No ip address not updating

This is just the latest in a long series of DNS innovations we've developed and passed on to you.

Most recently it was blocking the Conficker worm from phoning home.

" Well, for one, take a close look at how Active Directory DNS updating works.

When workstations join a domain, Active Directory creates DNS entries for these hosts to keep track of them.

Most home, small school, and small business networks are typically provisioned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that issue a dynamic IP address when defining each unique internet network.

That means IP addresses and hostnames are going to change constantly.

It is difficult for public Internet resources to know how to find a webserver or mailserver or other Internet-addressable resource located at a dynamic IP address.

DDNS provides a workaround, giving an individual a method of registering their current IP address with a third-party service on the web so they are publicly accessible and addressable, even as their IP address changes over time.

And just recently in October 2016, an attack against Dyn DNS took down major chunks of the internet, including and more.

In such cases, Smart Cache fixes the inaccessibility problem and allows people to visit those sites despite the authoritative server outage.

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[2] Figure 1 Overly simplistic, but you get the idea.