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Doesn't it mess up things if you load SKSE plugins at different time?

It does NOT call SKSEPlugin_Query or SKSEPlugin_Load, those are called later by SKSE itself.

Allows SKSE plugins to load before the game initializes. Let's say your plugin name is My and it's in Data/SKSE/Plugins, then you create a text file called My Plugin_in Data/SKSE/Plugins, the contents of the file does not matter. The d3dx9_42 loader will call Load Library on your plugin before game initializes.

You don't need this unless a mod specifically says you require this. At the time of writing this you only need it if you use Crash Fixes mod and Use OSAllocators=1 in the INI file. It allows the mod to make edit to game code before the game has any chance to run that code. Installing Put d3dx9_42in your root Skyrim directory (where is), NOT in data folder! How do I make my plugin load before game initializes?

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SKSE later calls Load Library again, is that a problem?

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If anyone could tell me what i'm doing wrong or what the issue is i would appreciate it. What I found I'd done wrong was I was pointing the shortcut at the skse loader in the unzipped folder.

Since that's about as clear as mud do this:right click your desktop shortcut choose propertiesin "target" make sure the correct file path is there, for me it's "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\skse_loader.exe" (include the ")hope this helps I am having the same problem.

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