Nasa updating technology for space travel

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Nasa updating technology for space travel

At 38 meters per side, the space solar sail being developed is seven times larger than any other sail flown in space, four times larger than what can be tested in ground-based facilities, and has the possibility to enable many kinds of new space missions, including those relevant to solar flare activity, orbital debris removal, or propellant-less deep space missions.

NASA's space technology pipeline is already taking the ideas of our nation’s innovators from concept to flight.

With data rates up to 100 times greater than today’s systems, optical communication will enable rapid return of the huge amounts of data associated with sending spacecraft and humans to new frontiers.

High-performance atomic clocks, 10-times more accurate than today’s systems, will enable a level of spacecraft navigation precision and autonomous operations in deep space never before achieved.

Below are ten facts which aim to truly humanize the experience of reaching for the stars.

This joint NASA/Canadian Space Agency experiment is designed to prove the tools, technologies, and techniques needed to robotically repair and refuel satellites in orbit.

As he mentioned during his Twitter town hall, President Obama understands how important these efforts are for NASA: “What we need is that next technological breakthrough. so what we’ve said is, rather than keep on doing the same thing, let’s invest in basic research around new technologies that can get us places faster, allow human space flight to last longer....

But in order to do that, we’re actually going to need some technological breakthroughs that we don’t have yet.” The Technology Demonstration Missions announced today are the beginning of NASA’s effort to break technological boundaries in space exploration.

Although NASA certainly did not officially endorse Corvettes, the vast majority of astronauts drove them.

An exception was John Glenn (the first American to orbit the earth).

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Above is an artist's rendering of a four-quadrant solar sail propulsion system.

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