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We have ranked the top 50 Best Master’s in Computer Science across the United States.

Our methodology takes into consideration a range of metrics, but here are the core factors: the school’s academic reputation, cost of tuition, and average salary of recent graduates.

Having a graduate degree in computer science will certainly give individuals the chance for better career opportunities.

In the Master of Computer Science program at Dartmouth, students work with top-level faculty researchers in an intimate and collaborative setting.Because of both the present and future manifestations of computers technology, graduate degrees in computer science are highly competitive and desirable degrees.And this is true for both residential and online master’s in computer science degrees.Earning an advanced degree in computer science brings you closer to the pulse of modern society.You will have the tools to update and revolutionize virtually any industry in which you find passion.

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Here are some of the roles you could take on: That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

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