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Methods of dating photographs

If you are really lucky, you may have some early ones in ‘leather’ cases or in ornate shiny cases made of a black or brown plastic like material. Photography started in 1839 but at that time was really in the hands of a few scientists, professionals or wealthy amateurs. These may be loose or in albums or they may be in the form of postcards or even fragile black and grey glass negatives.I have a Mac laptop and a Mac desktop so I just enable file sharing and drag photos back and forth (click here for ).Plug in your smart phone and dump all your photos you want to keep…’s a great way to finally clean out your phone too!Both ambrotypes and daguerreotypes can be found in maroon ‘leather’ cases or highly ornate Union Cases made from a shiny and brittle thermoplastic material.Up to this stage, photos were generally one-offs, there was no negative and multiple copies were impracticable.

I’m sure there are lots of ways to do this…here’s what works for me since I get easily distracted!I manually drag the months into order for now because sometimes the dates are messed up on the photo files. GO ONE MONTH AT A TIME…..maybe pick a few weeks where you tackle one month at a time every morning or after the kids go to bed.If you’ve edited photos in an external program your dates may be out of whack…..there’s an easy way to fix them so that they sort correctly: Ok, I know it’s hard….you don’t really need 40 photos of the “almost identical” pose…10 photos of your kid feeding the same duck.Once they are uploaded I back those folders up to a 4G DVDs before removing them. This way I have two different backups….in case one gets damaged….then I remove ALL photos for that year from my computer.So at this point I have my photos stored at Costco, on 2 DVDs, and in hard copy. Here’s a tutorial I did on backing up files and how to make an easy index using the print screen function: or the image to visit the entire post!

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It’s easy to start and stop as you need to without losing your place.