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Lycos dating

Rather, in 1993 the graphical Mosaic web browser improved upon Gopher’s primarily text-based interface.

About the same time, Matthew Gray developed Wandex, the first search engine in the form that we know search engines today.

The first search engine was developed as a school project by Alan Emtage, a student at Mc Gill University in Montreal.

Back in 1990, Alan created Archie, an index (or archives) of computer files stored on anonymous FTP web sites in a given network of computers (“Archie” rather than “Archives” fit name length parameters – thus it became the name of the first search engine).

With solid growth in 1996, Excite purchased Web Crawler and Magellan.

Toward the end of the 1990s, Excite partnered with MSN and Netscape providing search services.

This school project eventually led to Excite’s commercial release as a crawling search engine at the end of 1995.Now, Excite offers search results through a metasearch tool combining results from pay-per-click and natural search tools. This directory provided an extensive listing of websites supported by a network of regional directories. started charging a fee for inclusion in its directory listing. ’s action helped control the number of sites listed and helped cover costs with additional revenue. used secondary search engine services to support its directory.Partnerships have included agreements with Inktomi and Google.In 1999, Excite was sold to broadband provider @(later becoming [email protected]) as part of a .7 billion merger after its traffic started to decline with the release of Google in 1998.With significant debts, [email protected] filed for bankruptcy in October 2001 and sold its high-speed network to AT&T for 7 million.

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By November 14, 1994, Web Crawler served its one millionth query.