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Los angeles dating ideas

The first date sets the tone for your budding relationship, so it’s fortunate that Los Angeles has options for any type of dater.

If you’re looking to impress with your choice of a unique and fun first outing, here are some of the best first-date ideas in L. Bowling encourages laughter and high fives, allowing both you and your date to feel like a kid again while engaging in some playful competition.

Bring your date and enjoy brews like Angel City’s IPA and Berliner Weisse to keep the spirits high and inhibitions to a minimum as you unleash your inner Picasso via your skills on the canvas. If you have a sense of adventure, or know that your date may, going to the Griffith Observatory, whether by hiking to it during the day or driving up at night, is a fun, romantic location for a first date.

Enjoy a fun and romantic outing as you take in the stars and the picturesque views of the city below, or check out All Space Considered, a free public program the first Friday of each month where you can learn about the most-talked-about subjects in astronomy and space science.

Date night classes allow couples to be creative, work together, connect, and ultimately have fun.

Bookstore exploration can allow for great conversation, as daters can share memories of classics or favorites they enjoy and get stimulated by new ideas.

In addition, guests get to enjoy wine pairings along the way.

And if a safari isn’t really your thing and you want to head straight to the vino, visitors can also go to the beautiful outdoor tasting ‘room’, bring picnic materials, and purchase wine by the bottle, all while taking in the breathtaking views.

A cooking class can be a great way for you and your date to connect on an intimate level while working together to create a meal from start to finish.

A great setting for getting to know a guy or gal, it’s a unique activity tied to a shared desire to be creative and enjoy food together.

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These rooftop perches offer sweeping skyline views and inventive cocktails that allow for great conversation and provide a wonderful backdrop to any date. After enjoying a delicious meal, guests can pop over to the adjacent i Pic Theaters to complete the ‘dinner and a movie’ date night experience.