Looking for advice on dating dating service california jewish personals

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Looking for advice on dating

What about those silly texts "I saw this puppy and I'm going to train it to be my personal attack dog." "I tried to eat a scorpion last weekend and it stung me." "Ok, you can hit me, but just try to avoid my pretty face." (to a girl who mistyped I'll hit you up to I'll hit you).

I'm not saying being silly, but try to have fun right? I went on a date last week with a girl I met through social circle.

Surprisingly, we had a lot in common and both had a great time.

So, I asked her out on a second date and she enthusiastically agreed.

And if it appears that she's losing interest, what can I do to try and re-ignite it (without being able to meet her)?

Every girl I ever dated in college I waited 4 dates to kiss them so you're ahead of the curve I'd say!

First of all, I'd like to thank all the writers who contribute to the articles and the forums, as it has opened my world to dating, relationship dynamics, and how I conduct myself. It was very casual; we just grabbed coffee, and then walked around and talked for a few hours.

I met this great girl on Tinder, and we hit it off, leading to a first date 2 days later.

Now this would be a red flag, but she has messaged me saying "I told my friends that I'm seeing you", which does show investment.

We aren't seeing each other until at least 2 weeks later, so I want to ask, how should I go about this to maintain her interest?

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She asked me if I was free in a few days to visit her in her neighborhood on the next date, and I told her I'd like that but that I'd have to check how much work I had to finish first (I finished it and had my day free). The only time there was a lull was during dinner when I think both of us were a bit tired and so there were a couple of silences, but it picked up again afterward.