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They are also in the proems of developing a folk group, according to Sister Ma'rgot Wortolk. 'i Jn flebrwuir 4, they will visit the Harrison Valley Children's Home and will also visit area i Hirsinj; homes on February IS and M£irch2.

^om the Office oj Public Relations lli C Admissic Nis Office will c Ymtiniie to ac cr pt applications 'for tlu'iall seniester.

Director l ony , lychardson, already recognised for achievements in theater and- TV, turned in the late I950's to adapting stage plays ta the me^f ilm.

i^dly 30 years old, he,gairied an international reputation by bringing John ()sborne's Look Back in Anger to the screen in 1958.

Phillips and the other two soloists, I'oby Hanks of the New York City Ballet Orchestra and Ka r I e Lb W4.e r . Phillips is an internationally knoum recitalist and clinician w^ is also Ptofessm-ctf Music at Indiana University in Bloom ington. hut this meeting is the first in the middle Atlantic region.

The symposium is a meeting ^f^tlte- Tn Jta LLniversal Brotherhood Association ( r. Reservations have been malk* ^W^^ISMhiii Mk as^ far away as Wisconsin, Alabama, Georgia as well as home. Dye k always urgecf his students to read for pleasure and to esi-hew^ a strict "facts and ff XHiioles" approach.

"We're not going to get a new building out of state funds." he said. He hopes to work with the Student (government Assrxriation in getting his idea implemented.

Instead, he hopes to finance the buildin|i through a student assesment. Schintzius, every student wbuld pay a mandatory fee of .50 each semester in order to finance the new building. He also cited the possibility of having a student referendum on the sul)ject this sfmi^. Shirley Jackson is a contemporary American i K»3fi'li$t and short stfury writer. "We hope that die students will support this activity by (oming to Alkn Hall to enjoy this unique one half hour pnxluction/' Gehret said.

RTS does a variety ef shows for community groups and area schools.

"Our purpose is to provide community services." The Veterans Fraieniifv has been in existance for two years and has 25 associate and scxial members.

It also has 10 hcjnorary members including br, Lawrence Park, President erf Mansfield State College. Oovern Mnt reg- ulation j "we - must submit all flight participants naneo and full payment sixty days before each /light.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is based on a short story by Allan Sil Utpe, who also wrote the screenplay for the film. from the Office of Public Relatioru R£CR£ATION: Mr. Hugh Schinttius, Diicctor of Intramural Bfrr^if^fin M .^^ /kiinpeiul Afiiaittiig a ncw rcoeaiioiil Kiilding ^ on campius. ^ photo by Doug Mwrny N • w b u i Id i h 9 prop o s ed A FUuhlight exclusive When asked to camroent on MSC's Recreation Center, Mr* A.

Hugh Schintzius replied: "Well, when people refer to the Rec Center, it's appropriate to ^ell it w-r-^-c-k because that's exactly what it is - a wreck.*' Over the last several weeks, Mr.

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Schintzius, the Dirertor of Intramural Recreation, has been meeting with various campus CH-ganizadons petitioning for a ncyv recreatioii building on canftpus.

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