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If you do not have that reference manual handy, head over to Kubota’s quick parts look up and make a note to yourself to buy a manual in the future.

An oil change takes 5-10 minutes and costs about including the filter.

You really do not want this one plug failing when you are in the middle of stressing your equipment.

Thread the plug back in and then give it only a 1/4 turn with your 19mm wrench.

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In 2010, the code resets to the alphabetic sequence beginning with A.Be sure to dump the 1/2 cup of oil still in the filter down into the catch basis along with the rest of the old oil.Install the New Filter Take a new filter out of the box and lubricate the seal at the top by running some old oil around it.Replace Oil Drain Plug By now the old oil is likely finished dripping out of the pan.Take the drain plug, clean it up a bit and inspect it for cracks and wear.

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Quick Word About Oil Filters Oil filters are not very high-tech and we feel that they are all pretty much created equal. Do be alarmed if you see anything else in the oil like metal shavings, rust, coolant or water.

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