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Kristin dating justin

For playing refernces, chill before the rumor spreads. kriste is calling him justybear and justin is calling her kristypop! Kristen Stewart and Justin Bieber are!

You really think Kristen(19/20) and Justin(15) would date? Kristen is my 2nd fave actor, I would hate Bieber if they were dating! Kristen is calling him Justybear and Justin is calling her Kristypop!

) didn't u see my username DAAHH so fuck off about all this JB and KS dating shit ok well ttul peace out homeys!!

After only one season as the star of "The Hills," Kristin Cavallari has retired her wild antics and reined in resident bad boy Justin Bobby.

Is that how you and Justin Bobby started hanging out? And second of all, when you're surrounded with a group of people, you're bound to develop relationships.First up was Justin Bobby, and I wanted to try to find out if his relationship with Kristin was even remotely legitimate: Are you and Kristin in a romantic relationship? When we met, it was just kind of nice, and personally for me to be on the show and conversate with somebody I haven't yet on the show. In earlier seasons, you seemed to have an aversion to the whole reality-TV thing -- this season, you were at the center of most of the episodes. It's who you surround yourself with, and when you surround yourself with people who are energetic and all talk about work and business, it got me a little bit more comfortable. I'll hear about it and if I hear about it, I don't want to be near it. And, she said, she didn't necessarily get down with either Brody or Justin this season.We work and do our scenes and see each other and that's that. I was basically like, "Audrina, it's not like I'm never gonna find anyone like you again." They felt like maybe it was a good place to cut that scene. A lot of the scenes with Audrina were drawn out, and Kristin was new blood. How do you feel about how you were portrayed this year? The first couple of episodes I felt like they were only showing one side of me, but throughout the episodes you got to see a few sides of my personality. With music and editing they can make it seem that way, but it wasn't romantic with Justin and I at all because I didn't trust him. Just because we kissed doesn't mean we were intimate.The show's fifth season ended Tuesday night as the unlikely pair decided to give being boyfriend and girlfriend a shot.During the waning hours of summer in Kristin's Malibu beach rental, they kissed on the deck repeatedly.

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See the difference, I could barely understand, I had to RE-WRITE it to understand.