K9 sex chat room

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K9 sex chat room

Suddenly she said: "My dog is in the room and I need to put him out because he is trying to lick my fingers."I was surprised, and at the same time I was surprisingly turned on up another notch. She said "it is okay I will be right back, I will put him in the hallway". I was using a vibrator so I could type with both hands. I typed "okay, but please tell me does he lick you - because that really gets me excited". OOOOO sherriiiiii"I came very violently..finger deep in my bum hole fisting my cunttttttt....ooomfg I came sooo fuckn hard. "OOO He is stuck in me.....oooooo" "I fell em squirting me sooo hottttttttt o ....goodd yea fukn yea....me buddy.." "he stopped movin, but he is still in me and ooooooooooooo yeas he is squiting mee inside deeep..""it running down my legss""Oooooooooooooooo" I was about to black out from cumming so hard. I had to have my doggy…Macho was just like his name... I went to the Mud room where he stayed at night…He tried as usual to jump up on me..time ...instead of the usual knee to the stomach I reached for his furry protrusion. we watch each other he is hotter than ever...ooooomore later...

She was kind of silent as she fingered herself, when suddenly whe said: "please hold on". " She typed "Buddy is whimpering and scratching at the door. As I read her words began thinking more and more of was Macho... Soon Jeannie said: "I gotta go...later Sherri..." "byeee"" and she was gone ..like that... I had seen the tip of his pink meat a few time as we played, but had not thought much about it except a little embarrassed curiosity. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner.

The site provider is in Germany and runs a number of porn sites including some zoo sites. If you go there and dont find anyone just stick around a bit and someone will show up.

The site owner/administrator and the moderators are all active zoos. Many of you may recognize that name from motherless. If you only stay 5 minutes you are going to miss out.

One night I was in the Lesbian chatroom of a popular chat sited and begin talking with a young lady who claimed to be in College. That night as I chatted with her she seemed to be afraid that her Mom would catch her doing the cyber. " After a long pause she typed: "its okay I don't care I want him in me now. I was thinking of my German Shepherd male "Macho" in the mud room.

She was a girl who liked to fantasize about being with a girl friend and had at least at one time fingered a girl friend. As we typed-chatted, I began taking the lead and kissing her and touching her young breasts. Instantly I was totally aroused and slick juices were all around my inserted 3 fingers. "Instantly she said, "Buddy is licking me noww oohhhhh! I am on my hands and knees keyboard on the chair and he is licking me. Then she typed: "Buddy is on me..trying to get the tip of it into me.

She was fingering herself on the other end and was so hot as she typed with one hand and fingered herself with the other. When she returned to the chat I was so excited and my shaved pussy was sopping. Only this time I was typing about licking here erect clitoris and I would type about my tongue would occasionally slide down to her red puckering wet bum hole. She typed: "I help him..." "OOOOOO he feels soo good in meeeeeee.

If this sounds like you then I urge you to give us a try. For me Im there most mornings local time in central US.

Early mornings and early evenings central US time are quite popular.

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I am a mod there and have been active most of my life. If you are an active zoo or just genuinely curious and would like to talk to others like you then I encourage you to join us. Mastiffgirl was a mod on motherless and she started up this chat room for zoos after the ban on bestiality.

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