Joomla dating component

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Harvard University, IKEA, Holiday Inn, the online newspaper The Hill or the U.

K National Crime Agency are just a few of the major organizations out there who decided to use the Joomla CMS.

Let your users search for the locations you've added and configure the display as you want.

If you want to try Joomla online you can use our demo site for testing and see how the Joomla admin panel looks like.

The extension comes with 3 modules, a search module, a map module, a K2 module and an editor button to embed a location selection of your choice anywhere.

3 search layouts are included in the component by default, and you can use and configure each theme on the same website, so it's highly flexible. Furthermore, you can update all your existing locations from the file.

Joomla 4.0.0 Alpha 2 was released in November 2017 and is available for a demo download.

The CMS is released under the GNU license and offers multilingual support.

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Joomla 1.5, which was released in 2008, used object oriented programming and software design patterns, and was the first version to benefit from long-term support until April 2012 when it reached the end of life.

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