Is drew barrymore dating jimmy fallon

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It was all fun and games on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon when host, Jimmy Fallon, was flustered around Nicole Kidman —in front of her husband, Kieth Urban no less!Kidman not only told Fallon that he could have gotten her number, she also surprised the host by inviting her husband on stage.

Fallon and Juvonen have two children, both born via gestational surrogacy.Fallon commemorated his father-in-law’s brush with death on the event’s anniversary in 2015.He presented William Juvonen with a Martin Baker watch on The Tonight Show.Friday, where she spoke candidly—and hilariously—about her recent dating disasters."Here's the deal: Ever since I was a teenager and excited about the idea of dating someone, I always had fantasized about a blind date—which I had never and will never be able to have—on my side, at least," Barrymore said.

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After five years of trying to have children, neither wanted to get their hopes up, should something go wrong.