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Intimidating guy names

In fact, these have been some of the most popular baby names for girls for well over a decade — and in the case of certain names, far, far longer than that. And nothing, absolutely nothing, can compare to Emma.

Our obsession with the name Emma has long fascinated me, so I decided to look into it a little more.

To be fair, less popular baby names don't stand much of a chance against to the most popular ones, which have remained largely unchanged for years.To help you choose, we have put together a list of our top 500 badass, tough and mean cat names below.Our list includes stoner, gangster and villain names too, so your cat will definitely have the baddest name on the block!Once upon a time, people named their children John and Mary.Then, celebrities came around and started naming their kids after fruit and directions.

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Your furbaby may still be a feared fighter, or he could just be a right softie who simply prefers love over war.