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Mark Costantini / The Chronicle Photo taken on 1/12/08, in San Francisco, CA, USA MANDATORY ... I've been known for that in the past, in terms of my persona," says Shepherd, who was perfectly cast as Martha Stewart in a 2003 TV movie about the steely queen of domestic perfection. "It means you stand up for yourself," says the actress, sitting casually on a hotel-suite couch in San Francisco, speaking frankly about herself and the vicissitudes of a 40-year showbiz career studded with hits and bombs.

more Meryl Streep played the controlling magazine editor in the film "The Devil Wears Prada." But some of Cybill Shepherd's fans thought she played the role. "I think it was Bette Davis who said that in this business, if you're a man who stands up for himself, you're admired; if you're a woman, you're called a bitch." Shepherd can relate to the strong-minded businesswoman she plays in the comedy "Curvy Widow," a solo show written by Bobby Goldman - widow of famed film and Broadway writer James Goldman - about the Internet dating adventures of a middle-aged widow looking for sex and/or love. "She's a woman who's had enormous success, who's extremely confident and has come to dominate what she does for a living," says Shepherd, 57, a Memphis beauty who was on magazine covers at 16.

"It's really fun," Shepherd says with a beaming smile.

a book about every relationship in my life, each chapter a girl; stories about where i went wrong, what i did, what they did, not just kissing and telling... that coupled with the fact that i would be embarrassed to actually admit to millions in a book these horror stories that ive had to live with.i do understand that relationships, however atrocious they may be, have to be learning a experience, in every sense of the word. im not even sure if i can use the specific name of the dating site, so i will call it hatch...

this is an excerpt from a (humorous) story of self exploration, an ode to what the hell was i thinking? well, it just wouldnt be fair to include this group with every girl i had met on normal circumstances.

People come "because my name is there," Shepherd says matter-of-factly.

Maybe they think, " 'Oh, let's go watch her flub her lines,' " Shepherd suggests.

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