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A detailed report listing all of the procedures and activities associated with the 1973 Huntington Beach 4th of July festivities.

An organizational chart is included, along with procedures, recommendations, budget and history.

The first was the January Gale that took place on January 10, 1933 that caused significant damage to homes, buildings and oil fields throughout Huntington Beach.

Street names Huntington Beach Disasters in 1933 This 12-page document by Vicky Contreras describes two disaster events that happened in Huntington Beach in 1933.

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City of Huntington Beach Scanned Historical Documents (in Adobe PDF Format) Click on the Filename to open these Adobe PDF files. Huntington Beach News A copy of a page from the Huntington Beach News of June 12, 1914, talking about the upcoming dedication of the new municipal pier, and providing detailed statistics regarding the pier. Huntington Beach Will Soon Have a Complete Sewer System A copy of an article from the Huntington Beach News of July 10, 1914, informing that specifications for a new sewer system have been prepared. A copy of an article from the Huntington Beach News of Nov. Huntington Beach Pier, Union High School, oil derricks, “Helene Home”, Huntington Beach High School.

The Growth of a City 1904 – 1922 A 2-page article from the “Seacliff Breeze” describing the growth and history of Huntington Beach from 1904 – 1922. Local History An 11-page document on the history of Huntington Beach, from a condensation of an interview with Bud Higgins that took place on April 8, 1973. Newland, Phil Stanton, Henry Huntington, West Coast Land Company.

Stanton, Pacific City, Huntington Beach Company, Red Cars, Pacific Electric Railroad, Tent City, Gospel Swamp, Holly Sugar Company, Ed Manning, Main Street Pier, Standard Oil Company, Encyclopedia Britannica Company.

Some of these files are very large and take a long time to open. Manuel Nieto, Rancho Las Bolsas, Abel Sterns, Shell Beach, Isaac Hickey, Santa Ana – Newport Railroad, Philip Stanton, John Anderson, S. Finley, Pacific City, Henry Huntington, Pacific Electric Railway, Methodist Resort Association, William Newland, Charles Warner, Tom Talbert, Huntington Beach Company, Ed Manning, C. It was compiled by Connie Bauer and edited by William Reed. This 3-page article was written on March 8, 1923, and describes the dream of George Mc Phee, city editor of the Weekly Blade of Santa Ana, of building a town in an area that he called the “Willows Peatlands”. Civic Center, Red Car, Meyer and Sundbey’s Department Store, Country Day School, Security Pacific National Bank, the Pavilion at the Huntington Beach Pier, the Standard Market. The Growth of a City 1904 – 1922 A 2-page article from the “Seacliff Breeze” describing the growth and history of Huntington Beach from 1904 – 1922. Huntington Beach History Notes A 13-page conglomeration of Huntington Beach historical notes compiled by City Clerk Connie Brockway.

The book contains 180 pages of photographs and interviews with residents of the city. Extensive information on his career in the railroad industry and its expansion west.

Independence Day 1973 The City of Huntington Beach 4th of July Report.

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