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Hearts Afire is an American sitcom starring John Ritter and Markie Post that aired on CBS from September 14, 1992, to February 1, 1995.

The series' title is taken from a line in the Earth, Wind & Fire song "That's the Way of the World" (which originally served as the series' theme song).

See full summary » Georgie is applying for a position of press secretary in Senator Smithers' office and embellished her curriculum vitae.

When she is kicked out of the hotel where she was staying, Georgie moves in '... John Ritter returns to TV in a genial sitcom, playing an aide to a senator (Gaynes).

John is astonished about how mature Ben is about girls.

Billy Bob is hit upon by a woman and he is very happy initially.

In any case, Markie Post and John Ritter had some of the sexiest scenes for a situation comedy.

The series was itself a satire on current affairs in Washington, D. In the second season, the show abruptly changed its setting to the Southern town where John Hartman grew up; he returns to take over the town's failing newspaper, and his wife and several of the other cast members joined him there.Described by CBS as a "politically topical series" and created by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and Harry Thomason, the show starred John Ritter and Markie Post playing John Hartman and Georgie Anne Lahti Hartman, respectively.Supporting actors included Billy Bob Thornton and Ed Asner. C., and centered on a senator's aide (Ritter) and a political reporter (Post) whose professional disagreements masked a growing attraction for one another.When he says he likes Barry Manilow it is the last straw.window.__Roku_App_Initial_Values = { resource: { csfr: "", endpoints: , redirects: , features: {"enguard.ip":"false","captcha.sitekey":"6Le Mbws UAAAAALtu MFh C8n SLW0CTj7b BOci C8o Zx","cookie.consent.enabled":"true","trc.channel Id":"151908","xappversion.check":"true","uma.enabled":"false","collagestack.enabled":"true","ga.scroll.tracking":"false","businesswire.enabled":"true","mobile.connector.enabled":"false","ajax.links":"true","ghostery.always.on":"false","whatson.countries":"US, CA, IE, GB, MX, FR","ghostery.enabled":"false","channelstore.countries":"US","shoppingcart.interval":"900000","shoppingcart.countries":"US","ghostery.countries":"GB:3971, FR:3973, IE:3971","locale.legacy":"true","nav.international.channelstore":"true","captcha.signin":"false","captcha":"false","automatic.redirect":"true","Login":"true","auth.provider":"false","auth.owner.disable":"true","global.events":"true","

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