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He looked at her in her bikini top and shorts walking along the sand and sipping on a bottle of water. Right Where You Want Me- Jesse Mc Cartney They were up to something. Mainly Sophie and Elliot, and Parker may have been dragged into it. Parker straddled his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, touching his forehead with hers."Hardison…""Yeah?

She was wearing his sunglasses and her blonde hair flowing in the gentle breeze. "His voice came out weakly."Kiss me."He wasted no time granting her request, kissing her deeply and running his fingers up her back and into her hair.

After the last con, he thought that she could use someone to talk to. I know how close to home this case hit with you, and I… You distract and it will take me…"She trailed off as they came to a stop and she detailed the computer store."20 seconds to steal the laptop.""No, no.

He stepped closer to her, thinking he was being quiet enough where she wouldn't notice."What are you doing up here? He was taken back a little, not by the fact that she knew he was behind her, but how soft her voice was. I just wanted to make sure you were okay."He glanced at her only to find her looking back. Whatever You Want- Tony, Toni, TonéHardison and Parker walked through the mall together towards the computer store."Alright, Parker, we're gonna buy you your first laptop today," Hardison said cheerfully, "You excited? We're not stealing the laptop," he told her, "We're already using credit card fraud to buy the thing."He lowered his voice for the last part."Let's go."They walked into the store and headed towards the laptops.

In tonight's season five premier Parker let the gang know that she and Hardison is a couple.

She also felt a strong need to blush, which was completely unlike her. That's how Parker described what they had going on right now.

Underneath Your Clothes- Shakira Parker laid in bed with him, resting her head on his chest.

She could feel him breathing, his chest rising and falling.

They're awesome and the music video for the song is awesome.

You should really check them out especially their songs Biology, Long Hot Summer, Sound of the Underground, Whole Lotta History and their live cover of Teenage Dirtbag, specifically their performance, not just the song.

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Behind him he could hear Sophie and Elliot walk in.

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