H r rifle dating

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There’s basic bluing, a laminated wood stock, and 26-inch-long barrels on the long-action units.

The stock featured a one-inch ventilated recoil pad, and the gun came with swivels installed.

My two favorites are chambered in .45-70 and .22 Hornet. Either describe them in detail and send along a pic or two if you can, including: roll stamp on barrel rib, markings on barrel (either side, specify), serial number (on ALL handguns, if none is visible, it will be found under the left grip panel on the grip frame cross strut), barrel length and caliber.

Only have my Handi 45-70 and customized Ultra Varmint 223.if I have to look at another Glock photo with dirty socks in the background, I'm gonna scream. Most people would agree that it’s better to have a good-shooting rifle that’s also easy on the eyes, but few of us would choose to carry a rifle that looked great, but couldn’t hit the side of a barn. The thick barrel, big laminated wood stock, and a 50-mm scope put the package at more than nine pounds.Some years ago I owned an inexpensive single-shot .25-06 single-shot rifle, a 0 Harrington & Richardson Ultra Rifle.

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The serial number listings by month presented below were developed by Scott Duff, a recognized authority on and author of a series of books on the M1 Garand.