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We know that you may be happy for the couples in your orbit, but kinda sad and wistful too: when are you going to meet that fabled life partner, and finally discover for yourself what warrants a £300 cake?Well, take comfort from the following guidelines to making the most of your bachelorhood.

Make a ridiculous pile of nachos at three in the morning.By indulging in this behaviour, you can survive any mention of undying love this summer….Binge to high heaven Compromise is often touted as the key to a successful marriage, which essentially means not indulging selfishness to the nth degree.Conversations never stop This applies to talking face-to-face, but specifically the amount of contact you have when you aren’t together.Random texts at 3 in the morning, coupled with the odd phone call to ask how their day has been, suggests you’re as addicted to their presence as a dog-lover is to walks with their pooch (which, it turns out, isn’t bad for relationships either).

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Once you’ve shared a bed together, though, you might slip into a natural rhythm of weekends at one another’s houses.