Good engineering practice of updating facilities

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(Source: Federal Facilities Council.) Flexibility must be a basic feature of any new health care facility to keep it from rapid obsolescence in the face of changing needs and technologies.Health care facility needs are evolving rapidly, and the direction of that evolution is difficult to forecast with any certainty.These regulations put emphasis on acoustic and visual privacy.

The facility conveys a message to patients, visitors, volunteers, vendors, and staff.

There is a noticeable movement from hospital-based acute care to outpatient care, and toward a more holistic, preventative, and continuous care of health and wellness.

Sustainability must be a consideration for the design of all health care facilities.

An aesthetically pleasing facility is a key aspect of the perceived quality of care.

Health care is a labor-intensive industry, and much of that labor is highly skilled and highly paid.

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There is increasing emphasis on special-care units and smaller satellite facilities rather than large, centralized facilities.