Gmail backdating email

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Gmail backdating email

At least one editor in chief got that rueful look he gets. But not to totally Scrooge the only holiday besides Halloween to have the potential for serious cruelty built right in (okay, yes, Valentine's Day ...), we will point out a pretty good gag that might hit home with lawyers in Silicon Valley, at the least.

For this example, we’ll be using Windows Live Mail.

Notepad it inserts a right-click context menu entry so you can edit files quickly and easily.

Otherwise, you’ll have to launch Windows Notepad manually and manually enter in the location of the EML file you want to edit on your Desktop.

If you see the email with the date and time you intended then you have successfully completed the process of changing the data and times stamp of your email. It takes a little practice to get the hang of changing email dates and times quickly.

Watch for other header types When modifying the date of an email manually as described above, you have to thoroughly scan through the entire message while editing it to make sure you have changed all the mail received dates and times.

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