Giadas dating tips for the bachelor

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Giadas dating tips for the bachelor

I'm bracing myself for a boatload of pilot puns, all the same, and a whole bunch of girl drama.

The key difference was that Peter broke up with his girlfriend, and thus had no crossover to speak of—making his actions feel more straightforward and honest, at least judging by Bachelor Nation's response. Right now, it's mostly speculation, but as we get closer to the show's shooting schedule (production often starts in September) we'll update this post with more details.Reality Steve has gone ahead and called it: Peter Weber (a.k.a. He says he's been convinced about it for a month, but now has the confirmation to be sure.But Mike is doing his sweet smiley thing while Cam mopes in the corner about Mike "stealing" Caelynn away from her.The edit makes Cam look ridiculous, and Mike hasn't said anything bad about anyone. But lest we start celebrating too soon, that same source explained, "Peter has always been their guy...

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I find the whole situation sad because he was also such a fan favorite from Becca's season. We were Sources have told TMZ that Tyler is, in fact, a "distant third" and that Mike Johnson and Peter Weber are "dead even" in contention.

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  1. I'm always suspicious of these sorts of articles because they often are totally unreliable for judging the overall quality of the women in a certain country, especially how many of them actually look like the pictures, because they will inevitably only take the very hottest, so you've no actual idea what the overall quality level is there.