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For instance, on a romantic star-lit evening, it is the geek who can point out that the stars actually have colour, show you the Red Giants in the sky, or perhaps explain the origins of Cassiopeia, making the night sky so much more magical.

While out on a picnic in the park, it is the geek that can tell you the names of every bird and their mating rituals, and the geek who will not only pick you a wildflower bouquet, but recite the names of each lovely flower.

Myself, I don’t believe this for one nano-second, so I’m writing here to de-bunk this modern myth.

To Geek (The Guy's Guide to Geek Girls). Girl's guide to Geek Guys).------------------Jon Gall AIM: JGall20MSN IM: [email protected]ICQ: 5407815Yahoo: jgall_17I've seen those before..much use to me, but maybe for some people..the girls guide to male geeks isn't true for all geek guys, personally I could stand to live without star-trek...though I do like starwars quite a bit... Now imagine that this thought-shattering beauty likes Quake, Bruce Campbell movies, and role playing games. ), don't forget "On Being a Geek Couple"."So how can you tell a geek household, other than these obvious decoration tendencies?

Originally posted by JGall: I just found these as links off of com and I thought they were pretty interesting, and maybe they might help some people on this forum too. Well, a geek household is one where..."I think my household's score reflects that my wife isn't as geeky as I am...- one car, many computers ------- check- obscure pet's name ------------ no- whiteboard in bedroom --------- almost (we turned a spare bedroom into an office)- multiple surge protectors ----- check- categorized/alphabetized CDs -- are they even in the right box?

There are literally thousands of bulletin boards that devote themselves to adult entertainment and honestly, writing these reviews of the top porn forums took me hours, if not days!

I visited so many different sites and to be honest with you, I’m happy that my list here is a complete collection of where you ought to be going if you want a forum-style approach to porn consumption.

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At the risk of sounding superficial, geeks are fabulous gift-givers.