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Foreign men dating chinese women

Interestingly, more and more Chinese women seem to be dating or marrying foreigners these days.

There are, of course, a variety of reasons for this, with more and more foreigners living in China; better English communications skills of locals; and, of course, easier accessibility for Chinese women to be able to find and reach out to foreign partners via the internet or We Chat. Yet if you stop and think about it, you’ll quickly realize that this is quite an incorrect assumption—in fact, it’s almost like saying all Chinese women are the same.

Though the average assets of rural and urban households has climbed up to an impressive Rs 10.06 lakh and Rs 22.85 lakh respectively in 2013 the investments in share and deposits remained minuscule.

The survey numbers in fact shows that average share of household investment in shares was just 0.07% of the total assets and a marginally higher 0.17% for urban households.

Though the share of deposits in banking and non-banking institutions in total assets are slightly higher they were still only a measly 1.65% of the total assets in rural households and 4.35% in urban households.

This is in sharp contrast to the investments in physical assets like land and buildings which remained the most attractive destinations for parking investments.

Reasons for the miniscule portion of investments allocated for shares and deposits are many.

Not only are the amounts very small but there is also a wide disparity in investments across states.

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In rural areas the average household investments in share was an insignificant Rs 746 while that of deposits was a substantially larger Rs 16,642.

In the urban areas the average household investments in shares and deposits were slightly higher at Rs 3,916 and Rs 99,383 respectively.

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A more aggressive stance and concerted efforts at the grass roots will surely help them make more substantial inroads and also boost the financial savings of households.

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