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Eyes not accommodating

Cataracts cloud the natural lens and eventually make sufferers blind.

Every year over 10 million people have surgery to replace their lenses as a result of cataracts, and the number of cases is increasing by approximately 15% each year, in step with ageing populations.

In a simple, 20-minute outpatient surgery, the original lens is replaced by an intraocular lens (IOL) made of plastic, and sight is almost miraculously restored.

However, unlike the natural lens, the IOL cannot be voluntarily brought into focus; while patients can see perfectly in the distance, they must wear glasses to read.

The Akko Lens Accommodating Intraocular Lens The Akko Lens AIOL is based on cubic optical elements that are fitted by spring-like haptics fused at the rim to allow movement.

Optics and Haptics The Akko Lens AIOL has, in its basic configuration, an anterior element with a spherical lens to correct the overall refraction of the eye, and a cubic optical surface for varifocal effect.

However, the magnitude of movement is relatively small, resulting in accommodation of ) and, possibly, more space in the eye than is actually available.

One approach to ‘accommodation’ taken by some companies is the multifocal lens.

For cataracts, the modern-day monofocal IOL is a simple and safe solution to the catastrophe of blindness; an IOL that accommodates would be a wonderful bonus.

For presbyopes, however, there is absolutely no point in removing a healthy but inadequate natural lens by clear lens extraction if it cannot be replaced by a far superior IOL that accommodates.

However, multifocal IOLs improve uncorrected near vision at the expense of overall sharpness, and also significantly reduce contrast.

In order to restore sight and allow patients to focus without glasses, the lens has to move or change its refraction index.

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