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Without spoiling all the juicy, gory details, the scene will involve mass casualties and the destruction of its location, BUT it is the context of the scene that truly makes it so original.We're aiming to create a scene so shocking and iconic that people will talk about it for years to come.Brad Mc Hargue from Dread Central gave the film a score of 3.5 out of 5.Mc Hargue stated while noting the film's flaws, that Leone's direction and special effects "shows tremendous talent", and stated that Art the Clown was "destined to become a horror icon".However, the reviewer criticized the film's "paper-thin" story, concluding, "As it is, ALL HALLOWS’ EVE has one damn scary clown that’s sure to cause you to sleep with the lights on.I can only imagine the fear would have been multiplied exponentially had the filmmakers spent as much time on the story as they did with coming up with the creepy as all get-out monster." Madeleine Koestner from Fangoria noted that, while the film had its lackluster moments, it was "legitimately creepy" and commended the special effects, the lack of rules set forth, and strange characters/creatures, particularly Art the Clown.She awakens chained in a room with two other women.

If you thought we pushed the envelope in part 1…you haven’t seen anything yet.""In the coming weeks we will launch a small indiegogo campaign with the hopes of raising some much needed additional funds.The film incorporates scenes from two of Leone's earlier shorts, The 9th Circle, and Terrifier, which also featured the character of Art the Clown.After a night of trick-or-treating, Sarah (Katie Maguire) is surprised to see that Tia (Sydney Freihofer) and Timmy (Cole Mathewson) have received an unmarked VHS tape in one of their bags.Perks will range from social media shout outs to screen worn Art the Clown accessories, to even being killed by the man himself in Terrifier 2!If we reach our goal, the proceeds will go towards the biggest and most mind blowing scene in the script which requires an unprecedented amount of special effects, extras and stunts.


PROJECT DETAILS: The film currently has a crowdfunding campaign that has already reached its goal, which means we'll get a lot more blood and practical FX for the film as well as a key scene that will be featured in the movie.