Eclipse maven updating indexes takes forever

Posted by / 28-Mar-2020 08:03

Eclipse maven updating indexes takes forever

And the code completion support, especially in Javascript, is something I failed to see in Eclipse. It always annoyed me and now having just one extra context-dependent window for the additional operations I feel I have a solution I am actually enjoying Out of context – we know.

They way Intelli J is behaving on different content types just feels natural and uniform.

Having used both no for years, I think you are eventually going to regret it.

Intelli J seems more stable but I have found that it’s just not.

Why do we have to suffer every day with information overload, looking through billions of files ?

until intellij fixed that, I will never even look at it again. But I would say that if your project contains billions of files, then any tool can only cure the symptoms and hide the real problem…

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Or you have to give up the feature that plug in B gives you which is then a dependency of feature C jara jara jara.