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In permineralization the minerals fill in the empty spaces to form a fossil, but in petrification the minerals completely replace the original cellular material and the C.

The biosphere currently contains 1 trillion carbon-12 atoms for every 1 carbon-14 atom (1T:1).

It carbon dated to an uncorrected 'age' of 33,700 ± 400 years BP. Chaffin (El Cajon, California: Institute for Creation Research, and Chino Valley, Arizona: Creation Research Society, 2005), pp. Diamonds are the the hardest known naturally occurring substance and the chemical construction make them highly resistant to contamination.

Ten coal samples from Eocene, Cretaceous, and Pennsylvanian geological formations that supposedly formed 40 million to 300 million years ago. Significant levels of carbon-14 found inside diamonds indicate they have an uncorrected 'age' of 55,000 years BP.


Not only do trees not grow where ammonites live (indicating catastrophic burial conditions), but the sample carbon dated to an uncorrected 'age' of 48,710 and 42,390 years BP respectively.

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