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Also i renamed the folder and everytime it just makes a new agent folder.. And that is what got me to the updating tools 0%...At least point i just want it to be at least able to run so i can play tomorrow morning any help would be nice. before that it just said launching and did nothing.. maybe some day it will launch the game like it did when i played the beta and it worked fine.More recent tests with downloadable clients have grown far larger, and there will likely be tens of thousands of testers for Reaper of Souls as there was for Diablo 3 Not everyone starts on the first day, of course.Beta tests start small and scale up, with more testers added over time as the server stability improves.

In order to be eligible to participate in future beta tests, you must create a beta profile.Only if you are already on the Blizzard's friends list.They do keep a list of good testers from past games, and add people to it when they reliably report numerous bugs, but the names on this list are kept private.Downloaded and installed D3 and then i restarted my computer when it was at 100%I tryed to run Diablo 3 and it says updating tools 0% next to the start button.....stays at 0% "been an hour now"... Once there, go to View and select 'Show hidden files and folders'. Hello, Please can you remove this folder:[WINDOWS XP]C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Battle.net[WINDOWS VISTA/7]C:\Program Data\Once here, right click on the Agent folder and select Rename. Temp to ensure that it is not recognised by the game the next time it launches. EDIT: On windows 7, the folder Program Data is hidden, which means you need to click Organize in the top left, then select 'Folder and Search options'.

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