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Datingworkshop com

Learn how to make a great (and accurate) first impression, practice conversation starters and get comfortable opening up on the fly.

Learn More If you long to see those smoldering eyes turned towards you, join us to learn how to project your most attractive qualities.

It will also shed light on how you can set things up for success in the future.

It teaches universal principals on how to have better, healthier romantic relationships.

We encourage you to ask yourself if what you’ve been doing has worked thus far, and if you are willing to journey with others for 9 weeks with great expectations to learn something new about relationships. Most people do, but successful marriages are few and far between, and most people don’t even know what it takes to have one.

This weekend seminar will focus on how responsible dating can prepare your heart for marriage by helping you to get to the place where you can choose a person who is right for you, as well as help you in becoming a person who is right for another.

But armed with just a few key tools you can instantly attract women using flirting, banter and body language.

(Also great for men looking to put spice back in their marriage!

We are also here to be a fly on the wall to discover what women are thinking about men and what men are thinking about women.His knowledge is not just full of matter of opinions or experiences, but research and reading. He's pleasant on the eye ladies, I know but his heart his work, is much bigger than his ego. OPEN FORUM: We have a great panel of men and women (MOSTLY MEN) who will back up our coach in answering your tough dating questions.He is serious about providing the best possible response/answer to our most pressing dating questions. So come already prepared with that ONE question you always wanted an answer for.SKIT/COMEDY: We are so honored and terrified at the same time to welcome to the stage "Play Pete" one of Coach Andre's dear buddies.He is hilarious and no doubt, expresses a different dating philosophy than of our featured guest. And one things' for sure, he's a confident man and will help build yours in the world of dating.

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We would love to have you join us for this life-changing weekend conference all about dating and romance.