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Datingwithwomen com

We are concerned about those women who make asking money from men their practice, be aware that this fraud can be run on the Internet by individuals (men or Women) or agencies.(Large or small) You should know that we are serious agency and understand that only honest hard work will ensure that we stay in the business.

Further more when a lady starts writing letters and receives responses from men, the agency translators check to see if there are requests about money.You will undoubtedly find many sites listing stories of women who are scammers.It is true that this can happen to men who are unwary.If we see such a request (exception: covering her travel expenses when you are coming to ukraine and she is from another city) - the lady's profile is removed from our database and agency...But sometimes problems do occur - like anywhere else in the world, there are honest and dishonest ladies.

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Typically this can be seen most evident and in greatest number from women who are contacting men independently outside of registered agencies.