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It’s almost like they think the guy will be immature and she won’t mesh with his taste in music or hobbies.

People think she was born on another planet or living in a basement for 30 years with no access to the outside world, television, or radio.

Older women dating younger men sometimes cause more buzz than seeing an older man flaunting a girl that looks like she could be his daughter.

Despite age being “nothin’ but a number,” there are a multitude of misconceptions about the idea of younger guys dating older women.

#8 An older woman won’t fit into a younger guy’s social life.

True friends accept his partner, or at least do their best to get to know her before making a judgement based on age.Some young guys want kids, some don’t, so it’s not safe to say all relationships with an older woman are fraught with arguments about children.#3 A younger guy won’t want to take on all that “baggage.” Believe it or not, plenty of men take on children from their partners’ previous marriage(s) regardless of how old they are.This point makes it seem like older women don’t have jobs, social lives, or any ways to occupy their time.This misconception that an older woman who’s already established herself in her career, will quickly be bored and lonely while her younger man establishes himself.


The same way a guy dating a girl his own age might cheat on her for a more experienced older woman… [Read: 10 reasons passionate love can be the truest love of all] #5 An older woman targets innocent younger men for sex.

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