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A lawyer is going to fight for them, and work to ensure you are treated similarly to other workers who don’t …

Read the rest Read More When the IRS is garnishing your wages or threatening you, most taxpayers simply think they have no way to fight back; this, however, is not the case.

They understand workplace discrimination, standards that employers must be held to, and they’ll fight to ensure you receive everything you should receive, as a disabled employee.

In many cases, some employees might not even be aware that they suffer from what is considered a “disability.” If you are limited in doing your job, in any way, you might have some form of assistance available to you.

And, if your employer has discriminated against you, in any way, due to your disability, you should be compensated for that discriminatory action.

Even if you aren’t aware of your rights in the workplace, your attorney is.

You don’t have to give in to the IRS if they are bullying you.

Furthermore, the team will work to ensure you are not overpaying, or paying fees you should not be paying to the IRS for your tax bill.

There are Options Available to Taxpayers – Many people will take their entire paycheck to give it to the IRS; you don’t have to, nor should you.

In other instances, it might be a matter of discrimination due to your disability, even if your employer doesn’t mean to be discriminatory in nature.

A disability discrimination lawyer will stand up for your rights, and work to ensure you’re not being discriminated against in the workplace. – Your disability discrimination lawyer knows your rights.

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If you feel you are discriminated against, or have been, due to a disability, you might want to speak to a lawyer who can help.

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