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Dating site for bartenders

This just isn’t going to work, so I’m going to go.” That being said, one time I was chatting with someone who was meeting a first date and we joked that if she needed help getting out of it, it is was going poorly, that she could flag me down and order a “cantaloupe mojito.” That was our safe word.

So if you’re ever at Triangle Spirits and need some help, ask me for one of those and I’ll bail you out.

A lot of time people who are on a date will ask for my opinion on what to eat or drink or where to go next, and while I’m always happy to offer my own personal recommendations, you should just do what *you* want. You shouldn’t do things with the sole intention of impressing your date—it sends the wrong message. I think you know your coworkers pretty well, especially when you’re in the service industry and I know a few guys that could use a little push.

These are just a few things our significant others have learned dating us folks in the service industry. Some people still don't fully understand that people in the service industry make their money through tips. I know what you're thinking, all people say "please" and "thank you," but that's not the case necessarily for everyone.

All my servers out there know the feeling of getting no tip from a table, which is why people dating servers will without a doubt leave a great tip wherever they go out to eat. Recognizing your server's existence, eye contact and please and thank you's come a long way and make a person feel more important.

This is a small thing, but in the vein of sticking to what you know, when you order a cocktail, know what liquor you want. ” And if you don’t know what you prefer, ask your friendly bartender! It can be an easy way to break the ice and potentially learn a little bit more about your date too.

As a bartender and server, I've had boyfriends in the past who had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

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