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This is the biggest struggle of dating as a single dad.

Consequently, I didn’t know what I was doing, and went into a new relationship for the wrong reason.So think very carefully when considering marriage, so you won’t divorce. Here are five key things to keep in mind before you jump into your next relationship: I jumped into a relationship soon after my marriage ended.Call this a rebound phase, if you will: I didn’t think about all the things that I wanted in someone, what’s important and what’s not—I just jumped in because I was lonely. I didn’t give myself enough time to heal and to first learn how to make myself happy.If the relationship turns out to be for the long haul, I definitely want my daughter to look up to this woman, and see her as a positive influence.It’s not the easiest thing to learn, yet this kind of self-awareness comes hand-in-hand with learning to love myself. After the divorce and at certain times during my last relationship, I was not in a good place, mentally speaking. However, what pushed me forward was my strong desire to be the best dad in the world, so I sought people to talk to.

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