Dating service for dog owners christopher egan who is he dating

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Dating service for dog owners

Have you ever dated someone who seemed to be a perfect match in every way — except that you couldn’t see eye-to-eye about your dog or cat?A mate who fails to love your pet can be the death of a relationship. (Unlike that boyfriend who is convinced that your cat is evil and hates him.) So how do you find that perfect pooch-loving partner? Believe it or not, there are dating sites specifically for people who love their dogs — and their cats and horses too.Unfortunately, many pet-centric dating sites share user content with other more general sites, so profiles are not always pet specific — which means you could still be matched up with someone who doesn’t feel the same way you do about your pets.In addition, dating sites tend to have a larger number of female users, which can be a bonus if you’re a guy.Conversely, on an awful date and need a swift exit strategy?

In truth, the age old advice applies – be yourself, and you will find someone who will love you for it! One of those times, J came to the rescue, and I experienced my first bar fight!The other, I was playing mom at my friend’s bachelorette party, and so I don’t think it really counts.(Just make sure your dogs are practicing safe sex, people!) Disclaimer: These suggestions and tips are offered in jest.

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Some might say that we’ve developed high standards, but if you’re amazing enough to deserve those standards, then why not?

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