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Between Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Linked In, e-mail and all of the other tech-based communication platforms out there today, there are plenty of ways to give him a means to contact you without actually giving him your phone number.I recommend this for situations in which you meet a guy who you might actually be interested in, but still don’t know that well.In college, there are inevitably going to be scenarios where a guy asks for your phone number and you’re not interested.Allowing yourself to be guilted into giving out your personal information in order to avoid hurting someone’s ego is not the answer.Don’t allow someone you aren’t interested in to add you on social media because, although it may seem like a harmless compromise, giving out even the least bit of your personal information can lead to more awkward encounters in the future and can even be dangerous! Being direct keeps your intentions clear and leaves no room for confusion or misinterpretation.Some women have absolutely no problem turning people down without guilt, and I admire them for it. At the end of the day, you have the right to choose who you want to share your personal information with, and you shouldn’t have to apologize for your decisions.I wasn’t hedging my bets as much as trying to cooperate with the capricious online dating gods.It’s not uncommon for me to go weeks or even a couple of months without matching or connecting with anyone.

You should be sure you kind of like him before you do this, though.

You'll get out of a socially awkward situation quickly and gracefully, and be able to check up on their texts later from the comfort of your home.

Everyone recognizes how difficult it is to deal with rejection, but many overlook the fact that having to reject someone can be equally as difficult.

If you say you have a significant other, most times he’ll back off immediately or at least respect your decision to withhold your phone number.

Now, I personally think it’s disappointing that we even have to do this — why does a man respect another man’s “claim” to you more than he respects your choice? Plus, in a list of tips on how to avoid giving out your number, I’d be remiss not to share something that works.

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This way, he won’t feel singled out and the rejection will feel less personal.