Dating old coffee pots

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Dating old coffee pots

Owner Dustin Palmisano, who took over the restaurant six years ago after being a waiter there, posted to Facebook on February 12 that the cafe’s run was over, racking up over 200 comments lamenting the loss.

The episode of Gordon Ramsay’s show featuring The Old Coffee Pot aired last June, garnering attention for a clip of Ramsay finding a dead mouse in a toaster.

From this point of view our coffee pot looks to be a piece of great gauge and quality as anyone would expect from an English silver of the first half of 18th century. Hallmarks research and their examination (individual and as a set) Now we research coffee pot hallmarks.

So, we place the pot on the table and our test through 10 consecutive steps begins . Preliminary evaluation and recording of measures and weight of the item The first step is a roughly examination of the item, according to its dimension (25 cm tall, about 10 in.) and weight (820 g, about 29 oz.), as well as the evidence of alterations, research of base metal different from silver, etc.For a collector who prefers to search and buy items out of the traditional - and sometimes expensive - antique retailer shops, a valid alternative way is to collect as much informations as possible about the style evolutions and patterns of the object he intends to buy.Furthermore it is necessary to adopt a rigorous and pragmatic approach, trying to avoid emotional factors which may affect the correct evaluation of the item.At that time, Palmisano said he was just three months from closure.Customer reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp seemed to improve a few months after the show’s overhaul of the restaurant, but apparently the intervention wasn’t enough to save the longtime establishment.

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