Dating old australian bottles

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Dating old australian bottles

Of course, knowing about the early glass makers in Australia, particularly those who specialised in making bottles for beer, will help you in identifying when you have found something rare.

By the 1920s the Australian Glass Manufacturers (AGM) had a monopoly on glassmaking in Sydney.

For some inexplicable reason this august body is harassing campers and property holders in every direction.

Surely it should realise that there is a war on, and any "blitzing" to be done should be directed at the Empire's enemy, instead of respectable British citizens.

Part of the recovery exercise regime was a daily swim.

He found that it was difficult to hold his head above the water due to the scar on his chest so he shaved off his moustache and took to snorkelling.

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That concern ranks as an exceedingly prosperous business.

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