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Posted by / 20-Apr-2020 06:56

Never before have I approached a girl in a major city bar and been asked without initiating college conversation what fraternity I was in.I know the south is more into that stuff than the north and I actually like greek life culture to an extent, but it almost feels like the nightlife here is more like a college town than a major metropolis.What I'm saying is that its incredibly easy to meet casual acquaintances but it feels near impossible to make meaningful friendships.People seem to hang out with their college friends and have no interest in integrating new people into their friend groups. Girls seem to date almost exclusively within their social circles and at bars the women all travel in huge groups, mostly from college.My only success getting dates is on tinder, which isn't consistent enough and ultimately won't lead to something long term.

As far as what you said about dating apps, I specifically admitted that its been my only success so far.I caved and have a decent group of single girl friends that aren't a ton like me. Going out with them for girls night is fun but the selection of guys is not what I am looking for.I work a lot but I am always down for drinks with a fellow Buckhead ex-northerner.I have many friends who have met their significant others using Bumble- so maybe give that a try instead of Tinder.For friends I would try getting involved in a sport you like, joining some new to ATL groups, or honestly dming someone on Instagram that looks cool to hang out with. You want to meet people who are actually more than sharing the same space as you, go to star bar, east atlanta, and the bars in highlands.

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