Dating nag hammadi codices

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Dating nag hammadi codices

30 November, 1999 Included in these Gnostic discoveries by Marvin Meyer are several gospels of Jesus’ life that never made it into the modern Christian Bible, as well as a treasury of lost and esoteric wisdom.

He also includes an overview of all the texts and their contents, and discusses their meaning and significance for us today.

The Nile Valley is particularly scenic there, and the cliffs that flank the river loom large and are close to the river, giving an impressive definition to the inhabited valley.

This valley, watered from ancient times by the Nile, is the “black land,” in ancient Egyptian , as do the words “Coptic” and “Copt,” so that by etymology Coptic means Egyptian and a Copt is an Egyptian person.

The fellahin hobbled their camels at the foot of the Jabal al-Tarif and began to dig around a large boulder on the talus, or slope of debris, that had formed against the cliff face.

They were gathering , natural fertilizer that accumulates in such places, but to their surprise they discovered a large storage jar buried by the boulder, with a bowl sealed on the mouth of the jar as a lid.

As Osiris and Seth were rivals in Egyptian mythology, so the black land, the rich, moist soil.

struggled with the red land, the dry desert sands, for the maintenance of life.

Some of this diversity is evident in the Nag Hammadi library and the related texts discovered along the banks of the Nile River.Water marks remaining on older mud-brick buildings in southern Egypt show how high the water used to come during the season of inundation.The inundation of the Nile was judged to be a gift of the divine, since life-giving water and nutrients borne by the water flooded over the land and brought fertility to the soil.The fertile “black land” of Egypt was contrasted in ancient Egyptian mythological texts with the “red land,” that is, the desert land beyond the waters of the Nile River.Before the Aswan High Dam was constructed to control the flow of the Nile, the river typically inundated each year, more or less on schedule.

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We shall return to the act of blood vengeance soon.

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