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Seeing Macedonian wine outside of Macedonia is rare, but that isn’t because they don’t produce any that is worthy of being exported. Tikveš is a really good brand and happens to produce one of my new favorite rosés in the world.

You can find it in most stores and it probably won’t cost you more than 99 denars (€1.50) for a liter. Alcohol is off limits to buy after 7pm in winter and 9pm in summer.

Something to think about for all the ladies out there headed to Macedonia looking to attract local men….

People smoke everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere.

Macedonia struck me as being the most prepared for international tourists in comparison to the other two countries I visited (Kosovo and Albania) though it’s only a matter of time before all three are totally ready and getting bombarded by backpackers and jet setters alike. Now I rocked up not really knowing a single thing about any of these lands, and while that’s totally fine to do, I compiled a list of 15 things I think you should know about each before you go in case you were curious – starting with Macedonia.

The fact of the matter is I’ve probably already offended someone with the title of this post.

To them, Macedonia is an ancient region within Greece and for Macedonia to call itself as such is claiming a stake on their territory.I can’t imagine what a different experience it would be with 500 other people standing around.Same goes for my visit to Sveti Naum – another monastery 30 km away that I highly recommend you get out and see.You’ll just have to mind the government’s (hopefully) temporary mess.This is frequently mentioned fact though to tell you the truth, it wasn’t that obvious to me.

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