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Dating martin ukes

From what I can tell, I believe it's from the 1920's but figured I would check with the rest of you first. It also looks as if the fretboard has deteriorated a bit where it meets the body. It has no front decal (and the headstock looks like it might be too short for a decal so I don't believe it peeled off at some point). The binding is separating a little at the lower bout.Martin ukuleles are some of the most sought after ukuleles around.

Generally speaking, the higher the number, the higher the price.Because Martins are so sought after, some sellers on e Bay resort to shady tactics to get their ukes in front of buyers.One way you’ll see regularly is people advertising the uke “w/ Martin strings” in the title.In this case, it’s worth being able to identify which type of ukulele it is and how much it might be worth so you can tell if you’re getting a bargain. But with the new boom they’re back on the bandwagon. As well as making their own ukuleles, Martin also made ukes for other manufacturers such as Oliver Ditson.To begin with they started by releasing new models. These ukuleles are identical to the standard Martin ukuleles apart from the maker stamps and decals.

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I found what I believe to be the initial order for decals at Martin. Remember that during the depression, things might set around in the factory, sometimes incomplete, for a while waiting on someone who had the money.

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