Dating line numbers

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Dating line numbers

It still exists today although dwarfed by popular platforms on mobile phones.

And though largely declined since its heyday decades ago, the phone call chat line service is thriving in its own right and is even subdivided into a variety of categories such as by ethnicity and sexual orientation.

With a phone call, people connect to other people and have a good ole fashion conversation so there’s no guessing if the other person is real or not, although depending on time of day or week, the phone call traffic may fluctuate a lot.

Or if you’re devious, you could hand out a prank phone number that’ll surprise them when they try calling.

For example, say it’s your business phone, that you just moved and haven’t changed your number yet, or claim that the plan attached to this number is too good to give up.

Keep this number handy for the next time someone won’t leave you alone.

File it in your contacts under a name you’ll be able to find quickly, for example your own name with the addition “private line”.212-479-7990 New York, NY, USAOnce the offender calls “you”, the rejection line team will take care of them.

The caller will hear a recorded voice mail with three options; a message from the team’s comfort specialist, a sad poem, or unrealistic hope. View their list of copycat rejection lines for numbers in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and other cities across the US.

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It’s also ironic that even though online dating is popular, it’s bombarded with spam, fake profiles, and automated software (called bots) that exchanges basic question/answers, then directs visitors to a promotional link for example, and all this turns people off.

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