Dating in the elizabethan era

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Dating in the elizabethan era

Being that the woman had to bring a monetary portion of wealth to the marriage, for her husband to have and to help prosper the newlywed.After the man had the father’s permission and a dowry was decided upon he would then proceed towards visiting and bringing gifts to his future wife, if the union was rushed they would also proceed to getting married.Now the actual wedding in the play is depicted differently than custom during this time period.During this time, it was custom for the wedding ceremony to occur in church.

The play then proceeds to a feast which is tradition of the Elizabethan era, the feast wished the couple a long and happy life.Which is uncommon of ladies to do during this time period, her doing this was a demonstration of her shrewdness.During this time period woman had no say in who they were going to marry, so they would not oppose the union.The man interested in the young woman would ask for her father’s permission to court his daughter, which would imply that the man was serious about the relationship with future plans to marry her.During this time a dowry would be discussed and set by the father.

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